Junior Club Golphin Rental Scheme now live

Cian, Kiera and Parker all set with their brand new Golphin rental sets.

The West Lothian Golf Club takes massive step forward in growing the game

The first ever junior rental sets from our GolPhin and Scottish Golf partnership have been collected and test driven in Caimin’s School of Golf indoor studio this morning ☺️✅???️‍♂️

We are so proud to be able to offer out affordable junior equipment for all our members and better yet allow them to return sets as they grow and rehire bigger clubs to suit their age.

We have never had this facility before and we truly believe this will make a massive difference for both existing and new members in terms of overall participation and enjoyment.

Please get in touch to make sure your child has the best equipment for their age and size or to find out more about getting your child into golf just email caiminsschoolofgolf@outlook.com #growthegame

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