Scottish Golf/ R&A 9-Hole Challenge

Congratulations to Paul & Mark Donnelly who qualify to play in the National Final at Dundas Parks G.C. in early June.

The first competition of the season, and it was a tough one to work out the eventual winners. 6 teams finished with a combined total of 34pts. So it went to a countback: the combined scores for the last 6, then last 3, then last hole.

Of the six teams tied on 34pts, 3 had a combined last 6 score of 23 pts. The eventual winners won with a combined last 3 hole score of 12 points.

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Club Council, Catering & Pro Shop Team

All ready for a great 2024 Season. Time to put some faces to the names Left to right Peter Ritchie Match Secretary Graeme & Paul Catering Team Forth & Fore